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Allowing GOD to fight my battles?

By Jade Lee Suffering and saying nothing back, this was a day I would have to allow GOD to fight my battles. I pull up to the gas station. I pull out my card to begin pumping gas. I swipe my card and enter my zip code. It does not work I do it a…

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Healthy Body Image in African American Women

Did you know that every one in two African American women are obese? But we have the highest self-esteem of women in our nation? Education is one of the most powerful mediums to overcoming this foe in our community of high self-esteem but sometimes unbalanced views. Our goal is obtaining a healthy body image for…

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Why Black Women are Silently Suffering with Depression

By Paige Smith Depression has become the silent assassin on the black community. Like any mental or physical illness, depression doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Yet in the black community depression has long been stigmatized as a condition African Americans, in particular African American women, don’t deal with. Terrie M. Williams, author of Black Pain: It Just…

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