The Ferguson Dilemma - Jade Lee

"With a sensitivity born of experience and a passion for God's Word, which has the power to transform lives, Jade Lee addresses the deeper dimension of an issue that has plagued our world since Genesis. Her diligent research not only inform but enlightens. Jade immediately draws her readers into this finely woven tapestry that gives biblical, historical and practical answers for addressing the Ferguson Dilemma of prejudice and integrating cultures when emotions can bankrupt words. May each of us take seriously the challenge to not only bridge the gaps that divide us but see them eradicated in our generation."

Kay Horner, Executive Director
Awakening America Alliance

"As the author of The Ferguson Dilemma, Jade has connected what occurred in Ferguson to the root of the issue in the Garden of Eden, rather than pointing to the single story of racism. James writes, "My brethern do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ the Lord of glory, with partiality...if you fulfill the royal law according to Scripture, "you shall love your neighbor as yourself" you do well; but if you show partiality, you commit sin and are convicted by the law as a transgressor" (James 2:1, 8-9, NKJV). How we, "hold the faith of our Lord..." is critical to our impact of culture as the body of Christ. Since the expansion of His kingdom is directly connected to righ relationships; we must get this right. Jade provides great insight into the essential relationship of loving God as the foundation of loving others well."

Scott Gillum, Presiding Bishop
Texas Church of God of Prophecy
Pastor of Pastors, Houston, TX

"As a white-Anglo pastor, my heart is moved with goldy sorrow to feel the historical and current pains of the black community in my reading of the Ferguson Dilemma. I recommend this book to every pastor seeking to see the power of the Gospel to bring miraculous racial reconciliation in today's hostile culture. From a growing friendship with Jade Lee, I appreciate how transparent and vulnerable she is in sharing this account and offering real solutions for healing."

Dr. Michael S Lewis, Lead Pastor
Roswell Street Baptist Church, Marietta, GA

"My entire life has been given to the cause of racial unity. Over the years I have found that resources are key to equipping leaders and communities for the challenging work of healing racial wounds. The Ferguson Dilemma is a powerful tool bringing understanding, compassion, and a practical means for people of all backgrounds to feel adequate in engaging this vast subject. I highly recommend this book for all who desire to join the fight for racial redemption but don't know where to start. The Ferguson Dilemma is a great first step to lead your church, small group, community organization or business toward a healed and unified America."

Corey Lee, Pastor & Founder
Convergence Movement, Atlanta, GA

"Gain abundantly from this great read as you are challeneged to consider your own "comfort zones". We all have a "comfort zone" where we sense adequacy, familiarity and "safety". Human nature seems wired to gravitate us toward where we feel adequate and to avoid the discomfort of our own inadequacies. Jade conveys a passionate hope for a maturity and faithfulness to one's faith that demands we move beyond our "comfort zones" and courageously engage those "different" than us. Join Jade in this thoughtful joiurney with practical encouragements and you'll discover that we are all much more "alike than we are different"!

This book will move many out of the stands as spectators and into the game of extending love and forgiveness, understanding and compassion. May it be so.

Dr. David Ferguson, Co-Chair
Awakening America Alliance

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