In Response to Mizzou Racial Issues

By Jade Lee

I am writing to you my black brothers and sisters because I know you are hurting. Recent activities at Mizzou (Missouri State University) have been to say the least, heart breaking.  I know you are looking for answers to the rejection you face on a daily basis. I know you are in need of compassion, understanding and mercy.

I write to you because I know you are pained with the reality of your invisibility to many who are in need of self revelation. But I encourage you to turn this pain into joyful anticipation of the movement GOD is bringing to our classrooms, dorms and the halls of our academia.

We are blessed to be students and alumn of great institutions with deep wells of legacy. This is the HBCU Legacy. We are blessed to say our alma maters were founded by selflessly beautiful men and women creating opportunity in a day of dire bleakness.

Yet we find ourselves circling back around the pages of history.

The story remains to unfold but we are agents of change- Generational Influencers who will say no to violence in the wake of darkness surrounding our people once again. My heart oftentimes bleeds, other times sinks under the injustice we daily face, only to sour into hopeful determination as I ponder on the utterances my Father has spoken to my heart.

We will not die here, but we will rise as we always have, getting up from years of misunderstanding. We are a resilient people with a historical narrative of unexpected forgiveness and that is why we have been so blessed!

We are blessed because we have sat. We are blessed because we have stood. We are blessed because we have resisted. We are blessed because we have risen. We are blessed because we have surrendered.

This blessing has caused us to find joy in the midst of deep sorrow time and time again. We have risen through hundreds of years of slavery, the colonization of a whole continent in less than 50 years, the horrors of the middle passage and the ripping of the family unit.

We have risen through the violent sound of water rushing through the Atlantic Ocean as hopeless victims breathed their last and the agonizing rush of water pressing against crowds locked hand in hand. Yet we are still here, educated, beautiful, strong, forgiving, loving through it all.

So I implore you today, do not give up HOPE. Do not bow down to DEFEAT. Do not allow anyone to make you feel INVISIBLE. And do not treat yourself as LESS.

Carry yourself as your forefathers and foremothers have, with a Christian dignity and honor that many will never understand. These principles have brought us through impossibility with grace- We are blessed because we are poor in spirit. Ours is the Kingdom of Heaven.

We are blessed because we have mourned and continue to mourn through injustice. We are comforted by the Holy Spirit.

We are blessed because we are meek.

Others do not realize our strength yet it remains. We shall inherit the earth.

We are blessed because we hunger and thirst for righteousness. We shall be filled.

We are blessed because we are merciful.

We shall obtain mercy. We are blessed because we are pure in heart. We shall see GOD.

We are blessed because we are peacemakers.

We shall be called sons of GOD. We are blessed because we are persecuted for righteousness sake, Ours is the Kingdom of Heaven.

We are not surprised that we are persecuted. We are the people of GOD and we will endure through. We will not be surprised when we are used greatly to be a shining light in the midst of a dark world. This darkness is simply an invitation to great opportunity.

We are the people of GOD and we will give our gifts, talents, abilities and careers back to Him. Many say evil against us falsely for His name sake but we will not give into the same retaliation.

Instead, we will respond in an opposite, higher spirit. We will Rejoice and be Exceedingly Glad because Great is our Reward in Heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before us. And we are not alone.

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. We are the salt of this tasteless earth, and we will not lose our savor less we be good for nothing. We are the light of the world in this dark planet, set high as a city on a hill and we cannot be hidden.

We are a lamp on a lampstand never to be stifled by the oppression of this world, we will light all who are in our house.

Our light will shine before others that they may see our Good Works and Glorify our Father in Heaven.
People of GOD today I implore you to surrender. Give your all to Jesus. Ask Him how you can use your gifts, your future, your today, your tomorrow for Him.

Show the world that there is a different breed arising out of the racial culture of death surrounding us purposefully. It is time for social order and action in this secular world. The world is in need of you; will you be ready?
Join the Movement today by liking my social media page, on FB, Twitter Instagram and YouTube. I’m about that discipleship life and longing to see many followers of Jesus arise in the black community- to do more than fill pews, but to go out and make a difference!

Stay posted for more information regarding when we will be traveling to various campuses praying for students in the midst of racial turmoil.

Below is a snapshot of our time at Spelman where we prayed for black students and 10 students received Jesus as their Lord:

Spelman 222_4

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