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The Ferguson Dilemma

Since George Zimmerman’s acquittal in shooting Trayvon Martin (2013) and Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, MO (2014), America has not been the same. Seemingly overnight, racial tensions we have not seen to this extent, since the Civil Rights Movement, have erupted.

Only a few years prior to the Trayvon Martin incident, the first African American president graced the word’s highest political office. Many believe we were embarking a post-racial society. Some continue to believe that media has exaggerated racial biases.

Regardless of views, there is a needed answer to the explosion of tension we are facing on social media, in our school systems, and on our streets.

About Jade Lee

Jade Lee,

a Bachelors of Arts English graduate of Hampton University,

 is a native of Deptford, NJ. She graduated from Deptford Township High School as a highly recruited athlete by almost every top tier school of the U.S. and obtained a full scholarship in Track and Field at Hampton. Jade was also a 2001 Junior All American, 11 time record holder and 6 time MEAC Conference Team Champion, and an Indooor Championship MVP during her tenure as a Hampton University collegiate athlete. Throughout these years she also developed a passion for ministry and desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, deciding to leave her track aspirations to do ministerial work.

In 2005, upon graduating from Hampton, Jade served as a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Director for her college and married Corey Lee. In 2006, Corey and Jade Lee transferred their permanent residency to Atlanta, GA. They both founded and pastored The Convergence Church and have functioned as pastoral ministers for the past 10 years.

Some of Jade’s administrative roles as CEO are to oversee vision, managers and organize annual scheduled goals to reach pastors, communities and lay persons. Provide resources to develop local communities and host annual events for business professionals or citizens. Speak at various conferences, events and organizations as a public speaker. Jade has spoken at local schools, churches and travelled internationally to preach the gospel, with her husband, Pastor Corey Lee.

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